General Info

Here you will find a selection of information on the essential of the festivals

Here you will find a selection of information on the essential of the festivals

ARRIVAL & Parking

Here you will find information on parking location, parking restriction, location and rout to the festivals.

Here you will find information on parking location, parking restriction, location and rout to the festivals.

Saftey & Rules

Here you will find information on rules & regulation stipulated by the organisers of the festivals and the authorities that overseas.

Here you will find information on rules & regulation stipulated by the organisers of the festivals and the authorities that overseas.


Here you will find information on special criteria regarding people with disability. 

Here you will find information on special criteria regarding people with disability. 

Here you will find information on children.

Here you will find information on garbage disposal and recycling methods at the festivals

Allmän information

Här hittar du ett urval av allmän information om festivalen.


Här hittar du information om särskilda kriterier för personer med funktionsnedsättning.

ANKOMST & Parkering

Här hittar du information om parkeringsmöjligheter och vägbeskrivning till festivalen.


Här hittar du information om aktiviteter och anpassningar för barnen.

Säkerhet och regler

Här hittar du information om regler som fastställts av arrangören av festivalen och myndigheterna som övervakar.


Här hittar du information om sophantering och återvinningsmetoder på festivalen.

Festivalen hålls från och med år 2024 på Kanaanbadet, en stor och fin strand med gångavstånd från Blackeberg och Vällingby, norr om Stockholm.

Festivalen har sedan 2017 hållits på Lappis Beach varje år. Sommaren 2023 upplevde vi dock att markförhållandena inte var optimal då det veckorna innan hade regnat mycket och orsakade tyvärr stora lerpölar där publiken skulle stå. I och med att festivalen dessutom har vuxit har Lappis beach även börjat bli för liten yta för att kunna erbjuda bra plats för både mat- och marknadsförsäljarna.

Nej, festivalen har helt fri entré för alla!

Efterfesten hålls på Hilma Bar i centrala Stockholm, åldersgräns 20 år. Biljetter till efterfesten kan köpas via denna hemsida.

För i år finns det 3 typer av biljetter. Matbiljetter, backstagebijletter och biljetter till efterfesten på Club Hilma. Festivalen kräver ingen entrébiljett och är helt gratis för alla. Alla biljetter som säljs via hemsidan genererar en QR-kod som endast kan scannas vid ett tillfälle.

Kanaanbadet ligger drygt 15-20 minuters promenad från Blackeberg, Råcksta eller Vällingby t-banestation. Det kommer finnas en festivalbuss som går mellan Blackebergs t-banestation och stranden ungefär varje halvtimme.  Det går även bra att promenera och njuta av den fina naturen längs vägen.

Inget öppet köp på biljetterna, såvida arrangören meddelar att festivalen är inställd.  

Efterfestens åldersgräns är 20 år. Backstage har också en åldersgräns från 18 år. 

Vi erbjuder rabatterade priser hos våra partners Scandic Hotels i Kista samt Livingston Hotel Vinsta/Vällingby under den 3-5 augusti 2024. Bokning sker via hemsidorna; ELLER se aktuell rabattkod för respektive hotell nedan.

Bokningskod Scandic:
Gäller endast Scandic Victoria Tower samt Scandic Kista i mån av plats. Gratis av- och ombokning fram till 18:00 på ankomstdagen.

Bokningskod Livington:




Festivalen har fri entré! Vid  förköp av matbiljetter, backstage eller efterfestbiljetter erbjuds dock betalning via kort eller Swish.

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Rulla till toppen

Owners of lost tickets will have to give purchase details to be able to be granted access details of purchase not be granted access to the grounds of the festival.

Tickets can only be purchase at our official selling points, which is online via our website or at the entrance / Entry point of the festival by an JFK ticket sales personnel!

A hand band will be given to all who purchased a ticket.

If tickets are purchased online via our website, a unique QR code will be issued to your email which will be scanned upon entry.

Tickets are nun refundable! Unless the festival is canceled.



BACK STAGE: The back stage area is reserved for ONLY participant of the event, this entails Main acts, VIP ticket holders, artist who will partake in open mic, dancers who will be performing via running order, Queen Zone Judges and competitors. A special color hand band will be given to all the above and individuals who do not obtain a valid hand band will not gain access back stage.
We kindly ask all of whom is granted back stage access to be respectful to each other and do not infringe on the main act’s privacy in their tents. You are NOT allowed to take a companion with you without a pass.

TOILETS: The festival grounds will have a placement of 6 toilets. These will be located in the following designated areas shown on the festival map. WC 1, FS 2, BS 1, VN 1, PB 1, PB 2, PB 3, PB
Disable will have a hands-free toilet at WC 1 reference on the map and Backstage will also have a toilet.

REFUND ON Food, Entry, Merchandise: We reserve the right to make any changes in the festival program regarding performances/acts on the stage etc.

ENDING OF EVENT: The festival will end approximately 23:00 and stage and backstage area must be cleared no later than 23:40 in order for our cleaners and work men to disassemble the tents and stage.
DJ’s from the event will be relocated to CLUB HIMLA where the festivals after party continues.
We encourage that the public respectfully leave the beach so that we are able to conduct a timely end and move promptly towards the conclusion of the night with the specifics of our Tilstand and not violate such, this is of utmost importance if we should apply forth coming year.  

We respectfully ask





Opening time
SARTURDAY AUGUST 5th 12:00 AM – 23:00 PM

ADDRESS: Lektorsstigen 27, 114 17 Stockholm

BY CAR: From Stockholm central/city drive out of the city and take E18 Roslagsvägen towards Stockholm University and then take the exit towards Lappkärrsberget.

BY BUS: Take bus 50 towards Stora Lappkärrsberget from Odenplan or Universitetet subway station and go off at Lektorsstigen. From the busstation walking distance is less than 100 meters down to Lappis beach.

PARKING LOCATIONS: Parking spots will be found on Bergiusvägen, only 5 minutes walking distance from Lappis beach.

PARKING FEES: Pay parking via Easy Park app area code 2631 and will cost 20kr/hour.

BY PLANE: Stockholm Arlanda Airport, take Flygbussarna to Stockholm City central and from there take the subway and bus to Lektorsstigen.

Hotel: Bookings can be made via
Booking code: PRO15SE
Free change and cancellation until 18.00 on the day of arrival.
Please note that the code is subject to availability.
Valid for Scandic Victoria Tower and Scandic Kista 4-6 August 2023.

We will have a presence of security in, out and around the compound of the event.

All measures are synchronized in close collaboration with the police of Stockholm city and our security personnel.

We strictly prohibit any vehicle to enter the festival unless approved by JFK team who identifies you as a worker, merchandise seller, security guard or food vendor. The entrance to the festival should not be blocked under any circumstance. failing to comply would lead in a parking ticket by the parking enforcement services in the area or a removal of the vehicle.
For safety reasons open fires, which also means grills in any form, are strictly prohibited on the festival grounds.
It is not permitted to take animals/pets to the festival.
Smoking of illegal substances are strictly prohibited and anyone caught doing so, we will notify the police immediately.
Unauthorize sales of merchandise or food is not permitted under our tilstand contract.
Children 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
We recommend that parents or guardians to take a ear puff for the children in order to eliminate sound damage. Sound level down by the beach (Stage B) will be a more minimal level catering to the younger and older attendee.

Private consumption of respectively controlled amount of alcohol is allowed, as the event is kept at a public park, but sale of such is prohibited.

WEAPONS: No weapon of any sort is not aloud in or around the premises of the festival.
If anyone is seen brandishing a weapon the police will immediately be summoned for that or those person taken into custody.

LOST & FOUND: If you would lose any belonging please head over to (L2) – (Service-Center) Find overview on the map.
If it’s the day after you noticed you have lost an item please email us at

BREACHING OF ENTRY: We condone anyone who will try to get in to the festival compound by breach the fee to enter is not much and we would appreciate if everyone would appreciate this quester and support the movement so we can cover the festivals expenses. Ordningsvakt will be onsite and anyone who doesn’t have a valued hand band will be ordered out.

LIFE GUARD: A life guard is not present at the festival therefor anyone who choses to swim in the water by the beach will do so at there own risk.

BOUNCE CASTEL: A bounce castle will be on site for children to take advantage of and a staff from JFK will be in close proximity to monitor activities. However, we urge parents and guardant to also give a eye on their children. JFK will not be held responsible for the supervision of users the bounce castle.

BEHAVIOR: No violence of any kind.

We at Jamaica culture organization welcome everyone to visit our festival and we try our best to make effort so that attendee with a disability can also experience the event without compromise. We have given much thought to how we can achieve this goal and improve the accessibility to a disable individual benefit and we are open for ideas and suggestions at (email)

1. On the festival ground, in a specific area designated on the map we have a barrier-free toilet.
You can find an overview (WC 1) on the map.
2. if you come with an electric wheelchair and need to charge it, you will be able to do so at a socket available at the (WC 2) area. Find overview on the map. 
Electric charging is at your own risk and we do not assume any liability for this.
3. you can bring your medication to the festival without any problems:

The organizer/employees do not assume any liability for the storage of the medication.

A doctor’s will also be on site if any medical attention is needed. Location (DC 1) You can find an overview on the map.


We will have a staff member overseeing the hop boy so children could evenly have their turn to enjoy the bounce.

We will have our usual face painter giving the service by turn to any kid that request to have.

Waste from bottles, food containers,


We will provide numerous of garbage disposal stations and panta recycling boxes on the festival compound. Please deposit the garbage and panta there.